Sunday, September 04, 2011

Socialism or Barbarism, or, the coming showdown between Progressive politics and Christian atavisms.

This is what I see the 2012 election cycle as increasingly turning into. The Republicans have jettisoned whatever hold on reality they have, and we're now being forced to choose between progressive culture and a cultural void resembling nihilism with a Christian face. The thing is that at this point even the Rockefeller Republicans would be preferable, much more preferable, to what's being offered by the Right. The Rockefeller Republicans were moderate Republicans who made peace with the liberal welfare state, at least to a limited extent. Instead, we're facing the possibility of Rick Perry running with a platform that implicitly declares 2013 to be 'America, year zero', for the coming Tea Party Christian Cambodiazation of America. Perhaps that a little strong, but still, I think that as long as Perry's opponent is Obama, and Obama has a pulse, there's really no choice. I mean, Obama doesn't even have to have regular periods of consciousness. As long as he just has a pulse, and folks under him are taking care of things, the state of affairs will be better than under Perry. Unless we want our country to resemble a kind of, shit, how can I describe it, place where an anti-cultural revolution has happened that has stripped out all literacy, book stores, art, theater, cinema, exchange of ideas, sexual freedom, non-conformity, free thought, in exchange for a grinning Christian ignorance. Perry represents the kind of ignorance that doesn't know what it missed since it never got it in the first. In any case, I don’t want to see this country turned into a place where we sing the Horst Wessel song to Christ the Savior and march on into oblivion, while the rest of the world acts like adults and wonders why we let the cave dwellers take over our country.

Perhaps we can establish a national reserve for the members of the Tea Party in the middle of the country, where they can safely live out their fantasies in their own little fucked up Republic (not a Democracy) while leaving everyone else alone. The People's Republic of Jesus. Obviously, they're not suited for contact with the outside world, and like other uncontacted peoples, like those who live in the Amazon and in remote areas of the Philippines, care should be taken not to disturb their worldview too much. Let them understand what exists outside of their bubble through assimilation with their own cultural context, perhaps as a revelation from Christ.

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anagory said...

Perhaps we can establish a national reserve for the members of the Tea Party...

A capital idea. Reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson's concept of Hell. If you haven't yet read Schrödinger's Cat, follow this link. It's a large file, but happily without any graphics or other junk. Do a ctrl-F (search within page) for the word "clockwork" and begin reading just below that line.