Friday, October 28, 2011

Ah, and in reference to the H.S. Chamberlain article....Mike Bickle, associated with Rick Perry

A pastor associated with Rick Perry's campaign. There's an article on the internet now going around going around that's saying that in a sermon he stated that the Jewish people were punished by Hitler for not converting, and that (implicitly) this was just. But the funny thing is that when you actually look at the video where the quote comes from, the very video put out by people to show that this is what he was saying, it's pretty clear that in point of fact he's not really saying that.

Instead, the video has him quoting from the Book of Revelations and interpreting it in the present time. The Book of Revelations has lots of references to people who are Jewish dying in the end times, and Bickle says precisely that, that he's following what's in the Bible, not putting it out there as his personal opinion.In fact says that he doesn't like it. What Bickle is saying is that the end times are happening right now and that the Holocaust was part of that drama.

That sentiment is not a very pleasant thing, but it's certainly not an endorsement of Hitler, or him saying that he's happy that the Holocaust happened. The fact is that lots of folks are supposed to die as described by Revelations, and Revelations is Israel-centric. He's not doing much more than interpreting the book in reference to present day life.

I give "Addicting Info", the site that posted the original article, a journalistic 'F' for trying to make a fundamentalist minister who believes stupid things out to be a Nazi sympathizer. People have said similar things in reference to the relationship between the founding of the State of Israel and the Second Coming many times before, although they're usually not as explicit in talking about the role of the Holocaust in it. The view that the establishment of the State of Israel is necessary for the Second Coming is a fundamental of 'Christian Zionism'.

And here's the video:

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