Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pets and Seattle....a local neighborhood paper devoting it's biggest section to dog and pet issues

The paper in question shall remain nameless, but it's not located in Greenlake. It was amazing to get a copy of this paper, look through it, and first see a couple of articles on pets, then get to an entire section having to do with doggy issues, one that exceeded the straight news section by a slight margin. We have a fetish for pets here in Seattle, especially dogs. There are prominent dog training facilities, dog parks, even a dog bar/restaurant in Fremont where folks are encouraged to take their dogs. You can get gourmet dog food, high end dog toys, and dog clothing. Grocery stores and other stores have had to put up signs saying that according to health regulations only service dogs are allowed in.

Yet for all the attention we pay to four footed friends, there are still plenty of folks who live under the Viaduct, the name for the elevated highway that runs next to downtown Seattle, and there are more that live on the streets. Luxury in Seattle competes with outright poverty and social dislocation, although most of the poor people are segregated in far away districts like Rainier Beach, Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, and West Seattle.

We're a city that supports a gourmet cupcake industry, but isn't always good about having the poor either have their issues addressed and not eating cake, so to speak. If we could divert some of the money and attention that we lavish on our pets and cupcakes into addressing social issues, maybe that could change.

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