Monday, November 21, 2011

The more things change, again. Israel-Palestine and the Right

Was reading back issues of the Seattle PI on microfilm recently and came across an article from '36 decrying Communist opposition to the colonization of Palestine taking place in Palestine. The PI, at the time, was a right wing newspaper owned by Hearst, and was anti-communist to the core. The arguments against this Communist subversion were similar to the ones used today, but with one crucial difference: I noticed several issues that the PI ran a quarter page ad for the Hamburg-American Line, a company that provided trans-atlantic travel via ship before airplanes became an affordable way to go. Reading it was quite chilling, because in '36, the Hamburg-American Line was very well integrated into the Nazi state.

So, while the PI Hearst was showing such sympathy to folks seeking to emigrate to Palestine, they had no problem accepting money from a virtual component of the Nazi state while Jews were being persecuted in the run up to the Holocaust.

Interesting morals there.

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