Monday, November 07, 2011

The serpent is biting its tail

I've decided that this blog has reached a good, positive, cross roads. I think of the present nine and some years of writing as forming a sort of coherent whole, even though the subject matter covered is diverse. Now, I feel it's time to go back to the beginning and reorient myself in line with the whole thing, with the whole trend of where I've gone with my ideas, where I've come from, in order to get some perspective on where to go next. The clear and present danger of Bushism has passed, and the Occupy Wall Street protests are doing the very thing that I've wanted to happen for years: they're talking about internal economic inequality in the U.S., bringing the discussion back home, beyond global inequality.

*on edit: not just talking about economic inequality but advocating socialist solutions to it.

It looks like a propitious time.

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