Thursday, December 15, 2011

A nice thought from Remy de Gourmont

A fin de siecle French Decadent author who should be much more widely known:

"The aesthetic caste suffers less from seeing a poor thing applauded, than a real work disdained" from "Success and the Idea of Beauty" in "Decadence and other essays on the culture of ideas". What he's talking about is popular art, popular art in relation to high art. He's suggesting that all art has its own place and its own sphere, and that the representatives of high art do less harm by looking at popular artistic movements,trying to see what the participants are actually saying, than by ignoring them altogether.

*on edit: Remy de Gourmont was good friends with Jorg-Karl Huysmans, author of "Against Nature" and a few other definitive decadent works.

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