Saturday, December 03, 2011

Pick a party, not a president

I've been seeing web ads that entice people by asking them to pick a president, not a party. In fact, I think that the opposite should be true. Folks should not just accept whatever their party throw out there, but major political differences are more important than the individual style or policy a candidate. This assumes, however, that the party a candidate belongs actually reflects their beliefs, and that those beliefs are just, something that was arguably not the case with either Clinton, Gore, or the 'Third Way' centrist Democrats. The idea of putting personality over party brings us closer to the idea of personalistic government. I would rather have the support of parties, with all of the flaws that it entails, than to bring the U.S. closer to that. We're already half way there, being trained from birth to accept the idea of Great Men in government and society dictating to us.

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