Thursday, December 15, 2011

The stores are leaner....and more in line with reality....this year

I remember thinking, before the economic collapse, when I went to Victoria, British Columbia, how spare all the stores looked compared to those in America, how they looked half empty. Now, at Christmas time, the American stores look the same way. They didn't look that way because Canada was somehow poorer, but because the U.S. was overstuffed with consumer goods that it couldn't afford. The plenty on the shelves was based on credit flowing through the economy based on nothing but air. Leaner, sleeker, stores, from big box stores down to little stores selling art, are reflective of a more realist economy, of one that has started to accommodate itself to the economic realities most countries, even prosperous countries, have faced for quite some time.

Conspicuous consumption on a mass scaled isn't natural or sustainable, and we depleted our resources, polluted the planet, and outsourced our economy in the pursuit of it.

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