Friday, December 02, 2011

Very contradictory for folks who are 100% pro america to be anti-internationalist

Because the U.S. is, if anything, international in origin. While the Tea Party hews to a vision of the United States that's white, rural, male, and Protestant, although not well off economically, the reality in the United States is something else entirely. Many different races, ethnic groups, religions, laid over each other from the Native Americans on up are what make up the United States as it really is. They're what make up that national sense of the United States.

New World countries are inherently synthetic, explicitly so. They are founded in historical time by groups and people who have paper trails. Even old world countries are agglomerations of similar but not identical groups and cities brought together under some sort of common flag. If we want to have pride in the United States, it should be in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious United States. A United States like that, however, is inherently international.

Since folks in the United States came here from diverse places, with the exception of the Native Americans, the United States retains bonds with the world outside it, even though it might not recognize that this is the case. Cultural conformity may have stifled the true survival of many cultural traditions here, but enough has survived and made its mark on the culture of the United States to give it characteristics not necessarily present elsewhere,all produced by its origins in the greater world. Synthesis doesn't mean the negation of what is being synthesized.

The people who want the United States to turn away from the world in order for it to retain some strange notion of 'American-ness', either don't know what they're talking about, or they're presenting ethnic and racial partisanship as something universal.

However, a multi-racial, multi-ethnic perspective brings with it the necessity of fighting for an end to racial and ethnic oppression and subservience within the United States itself.Just honoring things as they are skims over what still needs to be resolved within American society in order for us to truly be united on the basis of being diverse, yet fellow, human beings.

The racial and ethnic politics of the United States also exist within our economic system, and the notion that simple racial equality within the United States necessarily leads to a completely just society is equally unfounded. Our society could very well turn into one that sees blacks and whites both at the top and at the bottom, with the free market causing the division instead of racial politics. Both socialism and a multi-racial perspective are needed.

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