Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Coming soon: Nikolai Federov and the Philosophy of the Common Task, or, Sci-Fi Russian/Christian weirdness

That's also somewhat brilliant in places. Federov was an 19th century thinker best known for saying that resurrection of the dead through scientific means should be society's main goal, and indeed it's obligation. Resurrection is contextualized in a bizarre greater framework that includes one offs such as the idea that reason and Christianity dictates we have a duty to redesign and improve our internal organs. Rumor has it that he pictured space colonization. All within an Orthodox framework that unfortunately approved of Tsarist Autocracy. So, Orthodox Autocratic Space Colonizers, Genetic Engineers, and Scientific Reanimators. It doesn't get better than that. Picture Space-Tsars.

*added bonus: Russia was a pre-industrial country when he wrote it.

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