Monday, January 09, 2012

Fundamentalist Christianity, or, maybe you're just making it up

Looking at Fundamentalist Christians, the creepiest thing isn't their stringent interpretation of biblical law, or their naive Biblical literalism, but their claim to have constant, daily, weekly, monthly, conversations with God and Jesus. They ask God to help them make their toaster work and they interpret the toast coming out correctly as divine intervention. I'm not saying that things like Jesus or God can't be real. In fact, I have my own spirituality, which is more pagan-ny and new age. What I am saying is that calling on Jesus constantly and interpreting things that pop into your head or happen around you as Jesus responding looks delusional. In point of fact it's probably your subconscious mind answering you back and you're just interpreting events in your life to fit what your wishes and expectation.

I mean, you likely aren't a monk. You'r not a holy man. You're an average person.

I think that the personal relationship with Jesus people claim to have is like a real life fantasy role playing game where they feel like they're on a great adventure, in a world with supernatural powers all around them, where they can call on Jesus and God and have him (or them) perform miracles with bitchin' CGI.

But folks shy away from saying that these folks aren't just conservative in their beliefs, whatever you think of that, but that they're probably fucking nuts too. Because that would be insulting their freedom of belief. However, there's a difference between self induced psychosis and religion, and I bet that in Churches in older and more established places, such Europe and the Middle East, this kind of thing is not so accepted. Although I may be wrong on this one.

Surely, there are folks even in closer places like South America who are horrified by the snake handling charismatic speaking in tongues business.

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