Monday, January 23, 2012

Kim Jong Un, China, Stalin: Autocracy is always easier than messy democracy

Which is why so many countries have reverted to it. Stalin cast himself as the Red Tsar, although he never used the term, playing up the memes that tsarist autocracy had used for several hundred years, presumably in order to 'build socialism'. Mao became the Emperor, and the Chinese leadership collectively assumed the role of the Imperial bureaucracy. Bruce Cummings commented in an interview on Democracy Now! in December that a very minor Soviet official gave him his opinion that Kim Il Sung's son would replace him, and that his grandson would follow in turn, presumably based on the idea that North Koreans had never experienced democracy and so were treating rule by a dictator as just another monarch. This style of leadership has to be the biggest cop out of all, where leaders eliminate democracy and promote the cult of the autocrat in order to more easily get things done. They inevitably say it's populism, but it's nothing of the sort.

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