Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ron Paul's newsletters, or, an elaboration on "What did you expect?"

Which was the one sentence answer I gave when the revelations came out. As always, the content of the newsletters is offensive and not good, but it's entertaining how many folks are shocked, shocked, by the content. They don't seem to be aware how the right wing media environment we've lived in for the past, oh, twenty or so years, really is. Virtually every day I see posts about outrageous things that Rush Limbaugh, and before he went off the air, Glenn Beck, has said. Paul exists within the same context, and as I look at the timeline of some of his worst newsletters, at the time he was far from alone in these sentiments. After all, the Los Angeles riots happened in '92, just four years after Bush Sr. authorized the Willy Horton ad suggesting that Michael Dukakis instituted a policy allowing black criminals back out on the streets to rape white women. It's all bad, but folks act like their virgin ears have never heard Republican figures make crass, racist statements before, and that doesn't jibe with obvious, day to day, experience.

The difference between the other Republican candidates, who aren't falling over themselves to denounce Rush Limbaugh, and Paul is that he put (or allowed to be put) these opinions on the record instead of sharing them in private. I don't believe for a second that either Romney or Perry are really, deeply, righteously, outraged by similar sentiments.

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Anonymous said...

I dont see Ron Paul to be racist.
It is like saying that wathermelon is nail.You have to understand his ideology to see total nonsense of that kind of speculation.That is why he get suport,but if you don't understend than you are not capable to se how irational this is