Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9/11 and Bush. It was a great opportunity to take a smack at the upsurging Left

Whether you believe that, say, Bush and company knew 9/11 was going to happen, or you believe that it just caught them unawares, it's clear to me that they took the opportunity to exploit s national tragedy to stop a surge in progressive/leftist activity. After the Reagan/Bush I years, the first four years of Clinton's presidency saw people adjusting as the rabid conservatism subsided. The next four years saw the forces of the Left, pushed onto the margins of society and beyond during Reagan/Bush I years, get back on track and gain steam. Although the WTO protests, were the most dramatic show of strength by the Left, they simply the first in a series of actions that threatened to change the status quo. The protests moved on from the WTO to the IMF and the World Bank, and then to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. 2000 was an election year. When the election was stolen in Florida and Bush was appointed President by the Supreme Court, there was outrage and the activism simply continued. Bush's inauguration was protested. People were not just going home and forgetting what had happened.

Then came 9/11, and suddenly, the topic of discussion wasn't whether Bush was an illegitimate President, or about corporate greed (the two intersecting in Bush's world). Instead, Bush was now 'The Decider', the Patriotic Leader spearheading the fight against Global Terrorism. If you didn't accept that, you were a terrorist sympathizer. How convenient. Perhaps the potential for this kind of change in attitude is what Bush was referring to when he labeled the three attacks on 9/11, on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 as hitting the 'Trifecta', a horse betting term that means winning three races simultaneously.

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