Monday, February 27, 2012

...and art imitates life: Portlandia, Season 2, Episode 5

At the pre-school, the parents make a big deal about the head of the school who not knowing who the band Neu! is. I'm a fan of them, although I'm not a yuppie with children, and in fact would be surprised at seeing folks in that situation who did know them, yet, it's awesome, personally on target, and kind of scary. Maybe Amon Düül II would have been a better suggestion, but with the double umlauts and the, well, now I'm doing what the parents were doing on the show.

*on edit: in episode 6 of season 2, another piece that hits close to home, "She's Makin' Jewelry". I didn't do jewelry, but for a while I studied glass blowing with the intent of being an artisan. Studying didn't mean looking through books but blowing glass. Not making pipes, but actual cups, small vases, and bowls (although I did study warm glass sculpture). I gave up glass blowing because I wasn't good at the particular hand eye coordination that it needed, and when I went up to the furnace to gather the glass I would always feel like I was catching on fire. There was no way I was going to wear one of those kevlar sleeves to be able to stand in front of the furnace.

Since then, I've moved my art to stone sculpture, and print making (but not trendy linocut and woodblock prints), the stone being my main art form. But I have no illusions about it being a full time job. It's fine art, and done on the side to boot.

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