Monday, February 20, 2012

The good old Pedophilia question

Somewhat randomly encountered a story about a pedophile being in a professional setting, and thought about the encounters I've had with pedophiles in my adult life. I had an experience in a semi-professional setting where people I had come to know, who acted somewhat strangely, turned out to be hardcore sex offenders who had done serious time. Quite a shock. Although I don't think these people came to their pedophilia because of our culture, I think that our culture praises some things that can give folks the idea that pedophilia is something acceptable, although they wouldn't likely think of it like that.

What I mean is this: I'm not an expert, I haven't studied pedophilia beyond web searches and personal experience, but my sense is that while there are several paths a person can go down to become a pedophile, our culture of macho permissiveness and unthinking approval of sexual degradation in porn can serve a vector for pedophilia to be transmitted.

Lack of self control, substance abuse, macho attitudes, love of treating women like unhuman objects. You want to be edgy, and there's the lure of amateur younger women in porn, but, hey, they don't look like children, they're still adults. You watch the aggressiveness of these men towards the younger women,and maybe the power and socially transgressive naughtiness turns you on, so you seek out porn of younger women, then younger, and next thing you know you're watching and approving of men raping girls, and thinking about if you can get away with doing it yourself.

Girls Gone Wild, with its undercurrent of exploitation, Gonzo porn whose goal is to degrade and abuse women as much as possible during sex, it's stuff that's not associated with 'sex positivity' but with showing a person that you can do anything with them that you want, and trespasses into the realm of rape as well. Perhaps when you open the door to the acceptability of forcing your will on others through forcible exploitation and rape, it's a small step to move onto children or to anyone else, for that matter.

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