Friday, February 24, 2012

Newt, the man who wants to turn the U.S. into Downriver Detroit

That's the impression that I get after reading this article in The Stranger about Newt's appearance here in the Seattle area. Possibly, one of the next times I'll go to one of these myself and report, but in any case, Paul Constant had a few entertaining takes on Newt's speech, particularly the part about Gingrich wanting to subsidize oil companies, which brings us to Downriver Detroit. Downriver is an area south of the City of Detroit, in Wayne County, that's a) very polluted b)very poor, c) much whiter than the City itself, and d)very looked down on by other Metro Detroiters. I'm sure it's not like the people themselves, who live among the refineries, chemical plants, and factories, like the Rouge plant ant its now infamous Zug Island, are really just peachy keen about living there. Nevertheless, because Downriver is south of the city and heading towards Ohio, many folks in Metro Detroit look at the folks who live there as polluted, poor, rednecks. While this, again, is unjust, that general sense, prejudice and all, is what I feel Gingrich's vision of America looks like.

Here are some of Constant's takes:

"One of the biggest applause lines of the speech came when Gingrich announced that President Obama wants to be "president of the wrong country!"

He would later suggest that the country Obama wanted to be president of was "European," where Obama would achieve his "vision...of total power in the White House." (Someone bellowed, "He's a Marxist!" Gingrich did not respond.) Part of Obama's total power apparently involves him "singing Kumbaya with Ahmadinejad," which he really wants to do, according to Gingrich. Gingrich also ripped into the president for requesting to end the $4 billion in subsidies the government provides to oil companies, because according to Gingrich the oil companies are going to "save us" from the economic downturn. (A woman in the audience suggested that Obama was going to give the $4 billion he'll earn from cutting the subsidies to "his friends." Someone else agreed.)"

"He urged everyone in the hall to post on Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail that President Gingrich would lower gas to $2.50 a gallon, telling them to donate $2.50 to his website. One woman in the audience shouted "Less than that, Newt! I want a dollar a gallon!" Gingrich said he couldn't do a dollar a gallon, and that he wouldn't lie and promise he could because he wasn't a liberal. The audience laughed and laughed."

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