Sunday, February 19, 2012

Robert Reich shows his true colors:"The factory jobs aren’t coming back"

Here, wherein he criticizes Obama for wanting to bring manufacturing jobs back to America from China. Reich is the co-editor of the nominally social democratic magazine "The American Prospect", which has always puzzled me, because he promoted neo-liberalism under Clinton as Secretary of Labor. In fact, he supported off shoring jobs because we now supposedly lived in a "knowledge economy", where folks in the U.S. would work as symbolic processors (translation:designers and upper management business consultants) working as free agents instead of having normal industrial jobs, all of which is documented in his book "The Work of Nations". Reich was perfectly okay with Unions losing influence in the United States, a strange belief for a Secretary of Labor under a Democratic administration, but as Paul Krugman has pointed out, in his book "Peddling Prosperity", Reich had non-standard credentials as an economist. "Peddling Prosperity" is about the Clinton era economic policies that The American Prospect takes stands against, including unlimited free trade.

Glad to see that he wasn't schizophrenic all this time but, in fact, really did believe in what he was peddling during the Clinton years, although his integrity as a commentator has not improved because of it.

*on edit: only a fool thinks that it's possible to sublet all the real, hard, work to someone else and then just laze around being a creative designer, and not have the people who are doing the work eventually try to take over.

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