Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seattle, Eastern Washington, and fussiness/uptightness

I spent the weekend in Eastern Washington, the rural and Republican part of the state east of the Cascades, and it was an eye opener. Not because of it's conservatism, but because it came with a certain kind of familiarity of action and thought that's found not just in conservative areas but in the rest of the United States outside of the Pacific Northwest. Call it a kind of absence of myopia, if you will. Liberal and conservative, urban and rural, the rest of the U.S. is united in greater contact with basic reality outside of navel gazing self justification. if you go to New York City, to Chicago, D.C., Detroit, Miami, you won't find the sort of uptight, entitled, prissy, spoiled, presumptuous bullshit you have to put up with in Seattle and Portland. The most culturally refined sections of New York City will probably tell you to go to hell if you act like a spoiled little brat wanting everything your own way and objecting when your whims aren't acted on immediately or respected. In Seattle it's a different ball game.

All of your rich, yuppie, bullshit preferences, neuroses, and hang ups are indulged and respected, are treated like they aren't delusional acts by people with too much privilege and not enough contact with the real world, but are instead wise, thought out, processes of elder statesman and women, who very knowingly want to crucify someone for having the wrong species of dog leash, I mean harness (since dogs supposedly shouldn't be leashed, according to them).

I live in Seattle, and am happy here, but I'm not some sort of vacant cheerleader who swallows the Kool-Aid without criticizing bullshit when he sees it.

Here's to Eastern Washington, for sanity if not for social policy.

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