Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trans-Vaginal ultrasounds required to get abortions---wait, that's like rape

For some reason, I didn't pick up on the type of ultrasound the Virginia bill requires women to get before they have abortions, until yesterday. Perhaps I didn't follow the issue as closely as I could have, because I'm not female. When I first heard that women were being required to get ultrasounds, even though I thought that it was invasive, I pictured the type where they put gel on your belly and scan there. I didn't realize that they were actually requiring doctors to put something into your sexual organ. That's over the top in ways that break quite a few social, personal, and human rules. In fact, requiring women to receive a probe of their reproductive organs in order to get an abortion, with pregnancy being the result of using the same organs, is like requiring them to be raped, to perhaps 'teach them a lesson', before they can get an abortion.

*on edit: the more I think about it, the worse I see it is. Abortion is protected in the U.S. under the right to privacy, that's a right implied by other rights that are explicitly enumerated in the Constitution. Personally, I feel that abortion should be based on something more fundamental, but, whatever.

The right to privacy is just that, the idea that there are certain things that are none of the government's business and that it has no authority to intervene in. To say that you need to have something put inside your sex organ in order to get an abortion steps on and quite literally violates any notion of limits to what the government can and can't do to you. Very strange considering that most folks in Virginia probably throw fits about the government telling them what they can and can't do with their guns, but, hey, that's a guy thing.

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