Monday, April 30, 2012

Dan Savage on the Bible and 'bullying', thought offense as real offense

I wrote a couple of days ago about the tendency of some people to think that what is ideologically transgressive is on par with what's physically transgressive, and here's a perfect example of it.

Here's Dan Savage talking about how the Bible is wrong about homosexuality and how folks have learned to ignore other parts of the Bible that they no longer agree with:

Here is Fox News describing what Savage said as actual bullying:

As Savage himself indicates in the clip at the end of the appearance, there's quite a difference between being cornered in the hall and beaten until you're bloody while being called a faggot and saying bad things about the Bible that people take offense at. Yet when some folks hear things that criticize deeply held values, they take it as on par with being criminally attacked, and they ascribe bad character and immorality to the person dared to utter the offending phrase.

*on edit: disappointingly, this is a bipartisan tendency. I was on an activist list-serv a while ago and a fight about feminism in the activist scene broke out. At the conclusion, the woman who argued said that continuing the argument felt like a violation, that she felt that she had been violated, and that continuing the discussion was like sexual assault.

Obviously, typing on a keyboard, to someone you don't see, is not like being raped. 

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