Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ending corporate dominance and ending the reign of capital are virtually the same thing

Because when Marx talks about the power of Capital, the businesses that he points to as really exemplifying it are what today we'd call corporations. Even though the division of labor between owners and workers exists in small businesses as well as in large ones, the divide is starkest where, because of their shear size, wealth, and accumulated power, businesses can completely overwhelm the individual and wages down on the whole. The power of Capital to shape society is most evident in the companies that hold the most of it---large corporations. Wal-Mart has a heck of a lot more Capital than your corner hardware store, McDonalds as a whole has more power than your local burger joint (if it even exists anymore). Corporations and big Capital are synonymous, although medium sized Capital matters as well. Saying that the power of Capital needs to be ended through nationalizing it and making it democratically administered, by making it public property organized on a participatory basis, is the same as saying that corporations need to be nationalized and run by the public for the public good.  

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