Sunday, April 01, 2012

Etsy acquires Portland...very funny


I especially like this part: "“By empowering marginalized art school dropouts, bloggers and bass guitarists in the creation of quality goods, we’re lifting them out of poverty, and that’s a wonderful thing,” Dickerson said. “And if they decide to spend their newfound income on our rejuvenating placenta-and-agave body butter, well, that’s even better.”


"Portland, Oregon — Citing a multi-billion dollar state budget deficit fueled by unsustainable government spending and stagnating tax revenues, Portland Governor Chet Oldham today signed an executive order granting administrative authority of the city to the Etsy corporation, the world’s premier online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, to turn the city’s troubled economy around.

Under the terms of the so-called “Etsy Plan,” the Brooklyn-based e-commerce site will assume virtual control of Portland’s municipal government and put into action a five-year economic development plan largely aimed at offsetting state-sanctioned austerity measures by employing the roughly 8 percent of Portland’s unemployed citizens in the creation of Etsy-approved items."

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