Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good (lengthy) article: "Hipster Racism Runoff And The Search for The Black Costanza"

Here. Although the title is a reference to the article by Lindy West, it's mostly about the series "Girls" and how there seems to be no people of color in it despite being set in Brooklyn, a trend  the article points out is endemic in NYC based shows. I haven't seen "Girls", but I have seen all the other shows it talks about, and I remember a parallel to "Girls" running when I was in college in NYC. For a year, I went to the expensive-beyond-belief College of Arts and Literature at NYU in Manhattan, living in a dorm on Washington Square Park. There was a show at the time called "Felicity", that was widely believed to be based on NYU, that featured very earnest, rich, students, having very earnest, vacuous, ennui dripped conversations in a mostly white New York City, where everyone wore preppy clothes.   

The article is very good and I recommend it. About Hipster racism....irony can be a great way to try to put some faux distance between yourself from what you're talking about, especially since you can claim to be making very dark, sarcastic, points and not actually meaning things in a racist way. But, well, if you aren't actually making some sort of greater point, if you're just being a dick, it doesn't really get you off the hook.  Sometimes a cigar is being used as a device being used to make a statement about the psychoanalytic obsession with penises, sometimes it's really just a recapitulation of that person's oral fixation, if you catch my drift. 

*side note, NYU: high quality education, very, very, expensive, lots of very, very, wealthy people who attend. I enjoyed my time there immensely, but that's a story for a different day.

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