Sunday, April 08, 2012

The idea of a "Meaning of Life" in relation to Science

Not 42. When people have talked about a "Meaning of Life", it's always implied that it's a meaning that's attached to human life. Science, with it's great collections of information about how the world works, can provide one level of meaning, but ultimately any meaning of life that a person decides on would have to bring that mass of material into a relation with the lived human experience, in order to provide insights into human life. That's what a "Meaning" to Life would be founded on, a meaning relative to the human experience, acknowledged as not being absolute, but instead eminently useful for human beings living and existing within the world of human life. Any meaning that people find for their lives is therefore based on bringing aspects of the greater world and a person's interaction with it into relation with their self. To go the other way, to find a relation of the self to the external world, is less fruitful because it's the human personality that gives meaning to our human lives, which are lived by our selves, who are human, and not by the outside world, which remains cold and based on purely analytical data when separated from the self.

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