Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The justification for helping out people with disabilities

At least the liberal one, is that people should not be penalized for things that they had no hand in creating. If someone was born with a condition that interferes with their ability to live a full life, but that can be addressed in a way that makes them productive citizens, why shouldn't  they have that opportunity? The cost of helping out the few who are disabled is a trivial cost to the community, and we as a community have the responsibility to help out those among us who have serious problems. A similar rationale can be applied to people who have conditions where help from the community can only make them marginally productive. If someone is born into this world with mental retardation, they didn't choose it, they're not responsible for it, so why should they be left out to dry, suffering,  because of it? Folks should be helped  to get to whatever level of functioning they can swing if they have a disability.

All of this bears on the idea that pre-existing conditions shouldn't disqualify someone from getting health insurance. The the folks who fit into that category are probably the ones who did not bring their conditions on themselves, and who most need insurance to function on a basic level., They shouldn't have to earn the right to live a productive life. 

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