Thursday, April 19, 2012

The non-existent plague of child sex-trafficking...

The Village Voice has a good series of articles about it, defending themselves and against the charges, which have recently been re-echoed today by Nicholas Kristof.  Particularly good is Stuck in Trafficking. The point made is that it's the latest incarnation of the perpetual witch hunt mentality that exists in American culture, the same impulses that give to things like the false pedophilia scandals of the '80s and the over-the-top accusation that kids were being ritually slaughtered. Moreover, although the linked article doesn't cover it, we're seeing a situation like that of the early '80s, where progressive advocates for women and for the rights of children are made common cause with right-wing and Christian forces through things like  the Meese commission on pornography.  These are the same forces who want to see women get back in the kitchen. Perhaps that should give progressives pause in working with them. Nicholas Kristof, who is one of the people stirring the pot about trafficking the most, is a Rockefeller Republican, a person who is somewhat liberal on social issues, and conservative on economic ones. He's made a name for himself expressing the moderate to liberal elite consensus on world events.

In my opinion, the to-do about trafficking is the latest attempt of the anti-sex lobby to cast natural human urges as linked to defiled, degraded, behavior. Backpage aside, these folks seem unable to believe that consenting adults could choose to engage in sex acts for money without being completely and totally oppressed. That, in turn, is indicative of a greater opposition to the increased acceptance of expressions of sex in American culture, not sex on a theoretical birds and bees basis, made very neat and clean, but sex in all its aspects, the ones outlined by Henry Miller as well as those outlined by Dear Abbey.

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