Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of the reasons Rednecks believe strange things...

Is cultural marginalization through living in rural areas and through being working class people. Some of them feel like they're shut out of  mainstream U.S. culture. In that context, folks believing weird things like that Obama was born in Kenya, and conspiracies involving the Federal Reserve, and are somewhat understandable. Not participating in U.S. culture, they go in on themselves and create an alternate universe that has no reality check built in. It should be noted that this is a more isolated culture than anything the left has produced. However, a cultural product of marginalization isn't therefore right because it's marginalized.

 Similar phenomenon can be found in other cultures, such as the Nation of Islam in Africa-American society,  based on marginal culture wedded to the Quran, and smaller groups like the Black Israelites. But though all of these have been born out of desperation and alienation, with some of that desperation being much more severe, only the beliefs associated with rural white folks have been given a national platform and a degree of respect, even though they're idiotic things that no intelligent person should have to give lip service to. 

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