Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seattle Times' coverage of the Afghan mass murderer has been terrible

...demonstrating some of the worst tendencies of Pacific Northwest particularism, where being a home town boy (or being stationed at Ft. Lewis, south of Tacoma), matters more than gunning down civilians in cold blood. See, for example letter to the editor A monster in us all, an echo of David Brooks' op-ed on the same subject, which says, you know, sometimes anger takes over and you shoot a bunch of people, the AP story
Suspect in Afghan case a profile in contradictions, which asks the question of why such a gal durned good guy could do such bad things, the Seattle Times' story
which only starts reporting on the critical side of Bales after providing paragraphs of fellation trying to emphasize how awesome this dude was, and ends with a similar bowing. Then there's
Perilous web of mortgage debt ensnarled Army sergeant, wife which goes on to paint him as a victim of mortgage companies and predatory lenders,
Wife defends soldier accused in Afghan rampage", from the AP, that features the wonderful: 
"The youngest of five brothers, Bales grew up in the working class Cincinnati suburb of Norwood, Ohio, and has been described as cheerful, all around good guy.", and today's

The tone the Seattle Times takes in the stories it makes and republishes is sickening, with the headlines (that the newspapers themselves choose) always painting Bales in sympathetic, almost fawning, terms, as if they have no shame in disrespecting the memory of the victims by bending over backwards to honor the murderer.

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