Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Anarchy is Boring"by Dominic Holden, a nice whitewash

Here. Bold words, for sure. Holden talks about the nice aspects of the anarchist movement without talking about the problems. Although this blog is semi-anarchistic, and linked to on anarcho-blogs, it is not without it's criticisms. In particular, what Holden ignores in his accounts of  interviews that stress the everyday living of the revolution is the fact that many anarchists that come from the punk rock scene are just a hair above apolitical crust punks who believe in getting fucked up and little else, except maybe general rebellion against school and parents. Calling yourself an anarchist means very different things for very different people, and there's quite a strong strain of thought in some anarchist groups where if you're not of the mindset of folks who liked to get blasted all the time on different substances and hang out (before reforming) you're a sell out bourgeois. If you read a book, you're a bad, bad intellectual. If, in other words, you believe in something other than a form of the stoner ideal adhered to by teenagers, you're not pure enough.

That sort of purity is undesirable for me, because I'm not sixteen and pissed off at my school anymore, and I tend to shy away from folks who believe that you need to fit in with some idea  of a music based counter-culture in order to be a political activist. Yes, if I went to more shows and drunk more beer I'd understand anarchism so much better, because, like you just don't get it, man.

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Anonymous said...

It's by Brendan Kiley, though Seattle anarchists like to smear Dominic because he's critical of Occupy Seattle. Posting anon because Blogger is messing up my cookies.