Saturday, May 05, 2012

As for where the Northwest is on the Bourgeois/Worker spectrum, it's pretty clear...

That bourgeois culture completely and totally dominates worker culture here. The difference can be seen in things like, say, bourgeois folks who are are extremely hard assed when it comes to their demands on outsiders, but who give out loads of sympathy when  the folks they're dealing with are identified as coming from a bourgeois background. People here are often paranoid about people of color, who are often working class, in their midst just because they exist, and not on television, and put up barriers to them where they have to prove that they're not junkies, homeless, gang members, criminals, etc..., before they can be respectfully dealt with. On the other hand,  if you're white and from a good background you can go out there and do some sort of bourgeois bullshit adaptation of underwater basket weaving in a semi-corporate setting, marketing your underwater baskets to the world and to the community, where your entrepreneurial spirit takes precedence to any sort of practical connection with reality, and not be scrutinized at all. In other words, there are two different standards applied to folks in the Northwest based on whether or not they show evidence of being 'one of us', of coming from a bourgeois background. Either get treated like shit, or get a pass for every fuck up you do, and the difference is only due to a little bit of cultural capital. 

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