Saturday, May 05, 2012

The rage of the bourgeois class...

It never ceases to amaze me how people from privileged backgrounds, who are young, can claim that they are 'really' earning it because they have a job at McDonaldson top of their parents supporting them. I've encountered this over and over, and also encountered folks who come from extraordinarily privileged backgrounds, whose parents aren't supporting them *now* , who claim that they have actually worked their way up from the bottom, and are continuing to do so. If your father is a lawyer, or he owns a business, and he makes you work while you're going to college, and doesn't give you much help after that, that's not the same as working your way up from the bottom. Yet folks conflate the two over and over again.

To me, this is attitude is not evidence of a working class point of view, which is what they think their point of view reflects, but of the bourgeois point of view that always wants to oppose hard, capitalist, work to the life of the lazy aristocrats, even though the U.S. doesn't have an aristocracy. The bourgeois mentality values hard work, but their definition of hard work doesn't encompass the same class solidarity that working class people feel, coming from having burdens imposed on you by society and not by daddy. 

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