Thursday, May 17, 2012

"State Dept. boots breast cancer survivor from blogroll over ‘nipple cozies’ "

Here, from Rawstory. Still trying to find out details, but the essential paragraph looks to be this:

“Hopefully, you can understand that some topics covered in your blog are very personal in nature, e.g. nipple cozies, and wouldn’t necessarily resonate with the majority of potential candidates who are interested in learning about the FS [Foreign Service] life overseas,” 

Really? Being a breast cancer survivor writing about reconstructive surgery and it's flaws wouldn't be interesting to potential Foreign Service candidates....because they've lived under a rock and are insecure when somebody mentions breasts in print? Hmm....maybe the State Department should stop sending so many recruiters out to hay farms where the fathers make the sons memorize the Constitution and send more of them to the real world.

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