Tuesday, June 05, 2012

People defend liberty against the government, but they're happy giving it over to corporations, re: Liquor privatization in Washington State

We had a nice little system here in Washington where the government ran liquor stores, sold spirits for good prices, and prohibited private stores from selling any. The state stores had good selections and were over all satifactory. But, the specter of government tyranny was aroused in a campaign co-sponsored by  Costco, and an initiative was put on the ballot to put all of those state stores out of business, making all liquor sales private.

A blow against the State, you say, a victory for regular citizens and for individual rights. Yet, there was a provision in the bill that made sure that only stores with a very large square footage could sell liquor. That meant that corporations, not mom and pop stores, and certainly not individuals, were the ones who got the freedom to sell liquor. The only freedom that individuals received was the freedom to buy from their liquor from those corporations.

If you look at it that way, before, the freedom we had before was the freedom to buy liquor from the State, which at least we had some control over. Now, that's changed to the freedom to buy from  corporations, who have no responsibility to citizens whatsoever. All of this is a prime example of the bread and circuses capitalism uses to promote its own interests under the banner of  individual freedom.

So how exactly is this more freedom? 

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