Thursday, June 07, 2012

Seattle Times: "Michael Fassbender brightens[...] Prometheus", white, quaffed hair, and synthetic

Just like Seattle likes 'em. < a href="">Here

"David is a synthetic human crewman of the deep-space exploration ship Prometheus, a character of the same lineage as Ian Holm's in "Alien" and Lance Henriksen's in "Aliens." He is also the most interesting individual in the picture, by far.
As it happens, there's some other cinematic DNA in "Prometheus," and it comes from another sci-fi classic: "2001: A Space Odyssey." Remember red-eyed computer HAL 9000? Silken-voiced. Preternaturally calm. All-knowing. Malevolent. Yeah, him. Now picture him walking around with a Mona Lisa smile and hair styled like Peter O'Toole's in "Lawrence of Arabia" (David's favorite movie). And David, like HAL, has the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. But what that mission is, exactly, only he knows."

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