Sunday, July 22, 2012

Also connected to gun culture, rapes in the military?

Well, this is in reference to the post below, talking about how the gun culture in the U.S. is permeated with unhealthy immature male bullshit, and how that situation, and not the bare existence of guns in our society, makes the gun culture dangerous. Even in traditionally patriarchal societies, now and in the past, outside of the U.S., the male ideal is usually vastly different from what's marketed to men in the United States via the TV 24 hours a day. The macho male immaturity of "Jackass" and other shows, where it's cool to be stupid and irresponsible, is linked to consumer culture that pushes the ideal of instant gratification.

Capitalism pushes the ethos of Sasquatch, drinkin' with your buddies, playing video games, having the newest thing now now no, guns give you the power to injure someone now now now, so is it such a surprise that a culture that teaches men that being a shit bag, an unethical person, also features high levels of sexual assault in a place where that ethos is amped up to the max like in the military?

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