Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney and Israel

Well now. Personally, if Israel wasn't oppressing the Palestinians and hurting other folks in the Middle East I would be content to put it out of my mind and ignore it, letting the people who live there be free in whatever illusions they want to live in, however, such is not the case. These folks have unfortunately linked one of the 20th century's biggest tragedies to their own fucked up behavior, justifying breaking every law in the book by the suffering of the Holocaust. Torture, murdering children? What about the holocaust, asshole, surely you can't be minimizing the suffering of the Jewish people? Huh, what, wait, I didn't say anything about Jewish people in Europe suffering I was talking about Arabs in the Middle East....

I think the people responsible for violence against the Palestinians will go down in history as folks who completely and crassly abused the good feelings and sympathy people gave them for the suffering they endured. "Schindler's List" has nothing to do with the Palestinian people. 

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