Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seattle should take the stick out of its collective ass

The funny thing about this town is that if you come here looking for grunge era slack culture, you'll be sorely disappointed, because the reality is the exact opposite. Folks here in Seattle talk a good game with regards to progressive culture,  being on top of tolerance, being in touch with avant garde literary trends, etc...but when it comes to how they actually live their lives in their own neighborhoods, in their businesses, and in their personal lives in general, you'll be forgiven for thinking you've stepped back into the 19th century where women with high necked lace collars circulate around with fans getting the vapors.

Folks here are perfectly progressive when it comes to issues happening in Washington D.C., several thousand miles to the east, but, well, there's less enthusiasm on the local level. I've seen a person who was all for progressive values do a 180 degree turn when it came to establishing a homeless tent encampment in a Church in her neighborhood. Suddenly, there's not an opportunity to help people but a threat from the homeless people, that the group will include sexual predators who will attack the children of the school the neighborhood, a sentiment that goes well with the ethos common in Oklahoma. When asked about it, she brought up the point that women and parents have a different viewpoint on these things. Right.

Progressive is as progressive does, and by that standard Seattle is not only non-progressive but actively oppressive to the people who live there. 

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