Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New thought about why English conservatism doesn't resemble the Tea Party

At least in general. Even though England was the birthplace of the modern conservative movement, they're not characterized by the medievalistic mentality we have in the U.S.....and that may have to do with the English experiencing their own religious war cum social revolution in the English Civil War, and having all of that insanity exhaust itself. The English Civil War was the Puritans leading the aristocracy against the Crown, and folks like Cromwell interpreted what they were doing in explicitly religious terms. That Puritan regime was overthrown, then a nice little compromise was reached in the "Glorious Revolution", that enshrined Constitutional Monarchy without the insane Puritan ideology.  We never had anything like that, and so we still see people whose mindset is shaped by the Middle Ages fighting their proxy wars across U.S. soil.

Edmund Burke? We don't even get close to being in a place where Burke's thought can be properly criticized, because we're still resisting the mindset of Torquemada.

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