Friday, September 28, 2012

The flaw in the Israeli idea of a Right of Return

I'm a Polish American, although not a pure one by any means. What would happen, in a hundred years, if all of the people of Polish descent in the United States decided that it was time to reclaim their homeland, and so massively emigrated to Poland with the idea of taking it over? Would that be just, because we have a cultural and genetic connection to the place? The idea that a thousand years of being away from a place isn't important is wrong. Just because there's a religious and cultural connection to a place does not mean that you have the right to seize it and act like your seizing it was just another event out of many. While folks in the Jewish Diaspora were away, a thousand years, or over, actually, of Palestinian history happened, and the "reclamation" of Palestine by the Jewish Diaspora is a negation of all of that history, as if religious reality trumps the actual events that transpired.

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