Thursday, September 13, 2012

The problem I have with eco-yuppies

Not to repeat myself, re:Greenlake in Seattle, but my problem is simple: these folks, who spend lots of time preening about how sustainable they are, are often the managers and professionals who run and benefit from capitalism, who make the system work. They are the people who either profit off the labor of others or who enjoy a higher standard of living because the people on the bottom enjoy a lower one. The fact that they put on the trimmings of sustainability, yoga, and support fashionable political causes changes nothing regarding that.

Their politics, when you get right down to it, often also reflect the superficial commitment that they have to these just and sustainable values. They'll follow whatever the Huffington Post has to say, be concerned with whatever NPR puts out there, but when it comes to less trendy and more radical they balk. They prefer to judge others by what kind of coffee they make their latte with rather than what they actually do to try to help society. And god forbid you don't get with the program and echo the mindless token gestures signifying that you're a good sustainable person.

By doing that you would violate the rules of the light weight latte liberal world and would surely indicate to all that you're  bad, bad, person. What they sometimes put so much stress on regarding buying preferences and behavior often makes almost no difference compared to the bigger issues society faces. Being polite, for example, means nothing compared to establishing true economic justice in society.


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