Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bourgeois and workers, or, a kid builds a house in his backyard

As reported in The Huffington Post Here. Looking at his video of the small house on wheels in his parents' spacious backyard, what comes to mind is how different chances at doing great things that appear wonderful on college resumes are for folks who are higher middle class and folks who are working class folks with much less money available. Sure, he says that he funded building a friggin' house with money from being a summer camp instructor....another bourgeois privilege.....and through salvaging materials, but I'd question that. Of course, I don't have a window into this guy's life, but what great freedom he must have to be able to concentrate on this project for several years instead of on doing things that will prepare him for life after school. It's the same with Soccer Mom's facilitating their kids' phenomenal after school activities. Little Steve is able to do all these cool sports, and not only that but help out at the old folks home and do a bunch of other things, because his parents have the money and the time to make the possibilities happen for him.

*on edit: I can think also of how James Mill, the father of John Stuart Mill, wanted to create the perfect environment for his kid to grow up in, so Mill, quite rich, arranged for his son to be awakened by violins every morning. J.S. Mill was a great philosopher, but it goes to show you what's possible if you have both disposable income and a stable life with little uncertainty about what the future can hold for you.

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