Sunday, October 21, 2012

George McGovern, rest in peace

McGovern has passed on. I had the great fortune of seeing him speak in Gainesville, Florida, where I lived for about two years, in 2002. Unfortunately, it came within months of 9/11, so as was typical of those times, in the question and answer session one man just went off on him, attacking his call for restraint in foreign policy. Mind you, this was on the University of Florida campus and many of the people in the audience were academics. McGovern tried to answer, but the guy just wasn't having it. It was like a manifestation of the pod people, another thing that was very common at the time. 

I felt sorry for him. He was so nice and reasonable, and seemed to be coming from a very good place with his remarks, which were on a lot of topics, and he was shut down by this dude. 

Hopefully we've moved on to saner times, although time will tell. 

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