Saturday, October 20, 2012

While voting rights are being curtailed in some places, others are extending them

Although it's not overtly labeled that. Instead, it's simply trying to make it easier for people who are registered to vote to be able to vote. Here in Washington State all our elections now have mail in ballots, including the Presidential election. I just voted yesterday, and the big day in November is over three weeks away. No need to show up at the polls on a Tuesday, with mail in ballots people can vote at their leisure. It's very strange to think that this sensible policy is coexisting in a country with ones where a person not only has to show up at a polling place, but show up with proper ID as well as a voter identification card (which you can't get without proper ID).

*and, FYI,  that ballot included both a vote for Obama and a vote for Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative candidate for the Washington House who is running against a Democrat who is in turn running unopposed, besides Sawant.

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