Friday, November 30, 2012

A daily annoyance: those friggin' leg scooters

Now, it seems, humble crutches aren't enough for medical supply companies. Instead of this cheap and effective way of helping people with foot and leg injuries to get around, medical supply companies have made these little scooters where you bend your knee, put it on a pad that has wheels attached to it, and scoot your way around---holding onto a metal bar that goes up from it. What a pointless excess. I'm sure that the people who use them are just renting them, but, still, we have a country where many, many, people don't have adequate health care whatsoever....and then we have little toys that are completely unnecessary pressed onto the public, for those who can afford it. 

Just from a resource perspective, looking at the metal and possibly leather used in it, the material could go to much better causes instead of a boutique product that only the self-satisfied medical equipment industry wants. 

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