Monday, November 19, 2012

A slightly different graphic: socialism, liberty, values

Expresses it a little bit more succinctly, in that it makes clear that although values and socialism are a check on liberty as an absolute value, that can be pursued without any sort of impediment whatsoever no matter what the economic or social consequences, that it's still a core value. I literally see the three sides of this figure as being completely interdependent, with each of the sides checking the other. 

Simply combining values in the way I've described with socialism has the potential to squeeze out personal liberty and freedom. That's not what I'm getting at. Freedom and Liberty are essential as both avenues of personal expression and as checks against the unlimited power of society against the individual.  

Values plus Socialism tends to oppression. Socialism plus Liberty without Values tends towards an aimless mediocrity, Liberty plus Values without Socialism leads to injustice. 

In this way, the whole of society can be stabilized and functional, as opposed to lopsided and self destructive. 

Also, "Liberty" here means personal freedom in the sense that folks who call themselves liberal, as well as classical liberals, believe in. It doesn't mean whatever abstraction folks in cowboy hats who look into the distance and mouth slogans about Liberty and Freedom seem to mean, something that has little to do with liberty acted out in practice.

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