Monday, November 19, 2012

Liberation, both for the responsible and for morons

Thinking about it, it's interesting how different the reality of things like liberalization of drug use has been from the ideals that initially guided it, as well as the liberalization of other things that have come out of the '60s. You have the start of it with people like Timothy Leary, teaching at Harvard, who explored drugs in a very refined environment, eventually moving up to a mansion in upstate New York called Castalia where a sort of utopian commune of personal exploration was established. Then, you have the end of it, or where it is now, with good old boys in trucks gettin' high on the weekend on top of getting drunk, with no social or personal idealism whatsoever. The difference between the two is the sense of responsibility and personal values that guided the initial explorers, which is totally absent in the worst parts of the drug culture today. I think, in general, that folks have learned over the last several decades how to responsibly use marijuana and other drugs, but that it's likely been a pretty prickly path, with the worst representatives of the culture still out there.

In terms of personal liberation, I remember going into a headshop in Florida and seeing a belt buckle for sale that had pot leaves next to a Confederate Flag. Obviously, the people there weren't getting much social progressivism out of their drug use. We have the ICP mentality instead, where folks who have none of the idealism of the early explorers just take drugs and other things as an excuse to further their own agenda. Sexual liberation could fall under the same category, where as opposed to the very considerate and negotiated pioneers of the movement, you now have ICP again putting out lyrics like "Bitch, you's a ho, and ho you's a bitch, everybody know's your a mother fucking bitch" and asking girls to show them their breasts.

Liberation is great if a sense of responsibility and guidance is added to it, but without that, it's an open field, with both the folks who you'd like to see use it using it along with folks who you'd prefer not to.

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