Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More statistics: Red States...36.3% of population would get 48 out of 100 Senate seats

Because there were 24 of them which went for Romney, with a total of 112,106 million people. So in other words there's a 12% difference between the percentage of the population they make up and the amount of Senate seats they have. Translating that out, the way the Senate is divided up makes them have the representative power of 36,689,000 more people than they should have. Which, for comparison's sake, is within a million of the population of California, which has roughly 37,254,00 people, meaning that our Senate rules give the red states additional power close to that of the state of California, above and beyond their actual population.

*on edit: this is if all the Red States had two Senators in Congress. The actual makeup of the Senate is a little bit different, with some red states having one democrat and one republican and some blue states having the same. Yet, the stats are similar in that you have 55-45 on the side of the Democrats, either with the party itself or with people who vote with it the majority of the time.

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