Monday, November 19, 2012

The United States and Values

It seems that we are unique in the world in not really believing, as a whole, that folks would benefit from having advice on how to be a good, upstanding, person. Virtually every civilization in the world, from Africa to pre-Columbian America, from Asia to the Middle East, has had insights and guidance about how to be a good person, and Western society itself had a continuous, unbroken, tradition of it going from Plato's time in 300 BC up till the later Enlightenment, about two thousand years. Yet here we adopt a laissez faire attitude towards it. Interesting.

Of course, there are those here who say that they believe in these things, folks associated with the Christian right, but in practice they're more concerned with their Christianity, including adherence to obscure biblical precepts, than in actually pursuing these things in a reasonable manner. But why let a few, or in this case, many, bad apples spoil the bunch? 

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