Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well, it looks like America has turned it around

It only took eight years. I have to say that one of the most depressing experiences I've had in politics was watching the returns come in during the 2004 election. In retrospect, it seems perfectly logical that Bush would win based on the patriotic fervor that swept the country after 9/11, and that had continued up until the election, but at the time folks on the Left didn't see it that way. We all had this romantic idea, romantic in a bad sense, that because the 2000 election was stolen Bush still didn't really reflect the mood of the people of the United States. A lot of people, myself included, expected the 2004 election to be a vindication of opposition to Bush that had formed in response to what had happened, on the theory that lots of people in the U.S. were turned against him by the 2000 debacle, didn't accept him as President, and then had this feeling confirmed by his actions post-9/11. It didn't exactly happen that way. Many people were in fact apathetic, and even if they weren't many were swept up into the 9/11 madness and no longer really remembered or cared about the 2000 election. Bush was now the hero, leading the war on terror. But we, with our bunker mentality, didn't see it that way.

Fortunately, times change, and the election of Barack Obama the first time started a process of change that's been confirmed with this past election, where the most reactionary overgrowth, the moldy rind on the cheese of America, so to speak, was overcome. It's a very welcome change,  and it confirms that people in the U.S. weren't just humoring Obama these past four years but actually appreciated and approved of him.

It took people a little while, but they got there. 

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